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RX7 V8
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   Thunderdome, my 1986 Mazda RX7 with a V8 conversion.

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Converting to the 454 Throttle Body. It has 2" bores instead of the 1-11/16" bores of the 350/305 TB. Also this one has the 90# injectors which are a nice step up from the 40# 305 injectors. The 454 TB also came with a nice 4-bbl adapter.

Fuel injected and running. Still needs tuning. Joseph painted the valve covers for me while it was in the shop.

I converted back to the stock RX7 fuel pump and I am using the internal throttle body regulator. The MegaSquirt ECM is located in the factory CPU location, (under the passenger's feet).
MegaSquirt and Spark Extra. Just got the car "driveable" in time to move for school. I will tune the cruise and load conditions in the coming weeks.

The harness ready to go into the car. Just have to stuff the alternator wires when the harness is in the car and we are ready to go.

My wiring harness minus the wire loom. I now know why it costs so much for a custom harness.

This is how everything looks with the adapter. Only the thickness of the adapter (1/2") taller than everything sits with a carburetor.

The TBI manifold has a slightly different bolt pattern than my current heads. I determined it was easier to make a carb to TBI adapter than to modify the manifold.

Side note: The MS I chip cannot run the TBI IAC. If you plan to use the stepper style IAC equipped on TBI units, you will need the MS II chip.
All the easy stuff is removed. Hopefully all the TBI parts will be installed soon.

We canceled the TPI idea because of expense, complexity, and minimal immediate and long-term gains.

It has taken forever to get a place and the time to work on the EFI conversion but it is finally happening.

MegaSquirt I with the V3.0 board.

I plan to be running multiport fuel injection within a month. For the next three weeks I will be developing a base tune. I will then install a Camaro TPI manifold and test it out.


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