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RX7 V8
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   Thunderdome, my 1986 Mazda RX7 with a V8 conversion.

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I got the last piece of the aero kit today, the "duckbill" lip spoiler. Yay 0.29 Cd! Thunderdome also now has a blue fender and bumper due to the wreck. And I ruined a wheel.

Well I was being stupid, locked up the brakes then my front left wheel found a curb and it all went downhill from there. Needs a new tie rod to be roadworthy again.

The Racing Beat springs felt great this weekend on the autocross course. They seem to perform very well paired with Tokico HP Blue struts.

Got some Racing Beat springs in the mail today. Already installed them and they feel amazing. Supposed to be 2.8k front 2.3k rear and a 1" drop.

Picked up some stock 16x7" wheels also possibly for a track set. Currently have 225/50/16 and 245/50/16 tires.

Picked up some 15x6.5" wheels for a track set. Should be able to handle a 225/50/15 or 205/50/15 racing tire. (Anticipated conversion to 5-lug before next race season.)

Autocross this weekend was fun. Need to get springs and lose some weight before the next event though. Sunroof panel weighs 11 lbs and the supporting tray, hardware and motor weighs 16 lbs.

Preparing for the next autocross. Stripped 100 pounds from the car and have immediate plans for 30+ more. Also got door numbers with class designations.

Calipers from an FD RX7. Painted black and polished the "MAZDA" logo.

Just picked up some Tokico HP Blue front struts. I plan to install them this week. The FD booster and 929 master feel great. Not too grabby under light braking but with a little pressure they start to grab very hard.
An FD RX7 brake booster and a Mazda 929 brake master. The Mazda 929 has a 1" bore master which is slightly larger than the FD RX7 with a 15/16" bore master. Also needed is a Tee fitting you can get off a FC (without ABS) just inward of the rear driver side fenderwell.

Making a new transmission crossmember. Hopefully this one will be installed around the end of the month.

A couple friends and I made a bit of a rallycross course outside Keno, OR. The course wasnt too hard on the car but I bent my exhaust on a rut on the way in.

I have been getting 14 mpg around town and closer to 16-18 mpg on the highway. I now am running dual fuel tables. Economy table WOT 14.0:1 and cruise 15.4:1. Race table mostly stays richer than 14.0:1 with WOT at 12.5:1.
Got some serious body roll going on. I will be looking into some springs this summer. The motor felt great at this lower altitude. I do not think I need much more power for autocross.

Autocross at White City May 9, 2010. I did not end up removing the strut tower brace to test.

Strut tower brace installed. The bar is welded to the plates so there is no possibility of movement like with a heim joint. I plan to race this weekend with and without it in place for comparison.

Almost ready to weld in the bar. Parts water jetted by JET Fabrication of Klamath Falls. Plate is 1/4" thick and the bar will be 3/4" square tube with 1/8" wall thickness.

The base plate for a strut tower brace. There is a fair amount of deliberation about the effectiveness of a strut tower brace. I am building one and I will figure out whether it helps or not.

Larger rear tires (245/45/18) to make the speedometer more accurate. Added part of the RX7 Aero package, (black pieces in front of rear wheels). The full Aero package reduces Cd from 0.31 to 0.29.

An idle air control valve (IAC) out of a mid to late 80's Volvo. This is a three wire PWM style. With a small circuit board modification the MS1 Extra software can control this style of IAC.

I built part of this during the initial EFI conversion. I got tired of the Mazda wiring being faulty for the starter. I also wanted manual and auto fan control. I plan to add a wideband status indicator.

Got tired of losing traction every time I hit a bump. New Tokico rear struts. HP Blue.


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